The time is 4 p.m. and I just woke up. Strangely, except from a slight headache, I'm fine and not at all hungover.

Last night was nice. We went to a friend's house. It wasn't a big party or anything. It was me, J. and six friends. We ate, drunk, talked and played games until 6 in the morning.
I didn't want to go to a party this year and nobody else really did too, so last night was exactly what I needed.
A week ago ,on Christmas Eve, we went to a party which was held in a house on a mountain, three hours away from Athens, by some friends of our friends.
We had a great time, it was fun and intense, we met lots of new people and came back late at night of the next day.
So we thought that after that we had enough partying for a while. Is this a sign that we're getting old?
I hope that it isn't but it's a fact that these days I just don't have the same amount of energy I had. I can't even imagine how it was possible to go out every night and go straight to work the next morning.
Anyway, this is not the kind of thoughts I want to have today. Today, only happy thoughts are allowed (at least I'll try..).
So I'm going to finish my coffee and start getting ready because I will be meeting my friend, Mary in half an hour.
I have a good feeling about 2006..Have a wonderful new year!!

miss--lily at 3:53 p.m.

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